Julia Roberts Daughter Is All Grown Up And Looks Like An Adorable Mini-Me Of The Oscar Winner


Sometimes we hear about children who look like their parents and we may see somewhat of a family resemblance. Every once in a while, however, the resemblance is so striking that it actually takes us by surprise. That is the case with Julia Roberts, who used to enjoy being one of the most popular movie stars on the planet. She won awards for her acting and she played in some of the biggest blockbusters that were out during the time.

Like many actors who were very famous at one time, she has now practically disappeared off the scene. We rarely ever hear anything about her or what she has been doing. She has played in a few movies recently but they don’t rival what she did in the height of her career.

We do hear from her because of her social media profile. It is a rather unique opportunity to interact with celebrities and to follow them through their lives and their career. Roberts doesn’t necessarily post on social media like many of the other celebrities.

For example, she may or may not own the Twitter page with her name and it does have over 500,000 followers. Up until this time, however, she has not posted anything to it.

You’ll also not find a personal account on Instagram and it doesn’t appear as if she is on Facebook publicly.

When Roberts did an interview with InStyle, she revealed that she didn’t have much of an interest in social media. She feels that she has greater priorities than keeping her finger on the pulse of Hollywood.